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Harness the Intelligence of your Immune System

Oncolytic Virus    

Direct Tumor Activity

1.IMNC-301 is missing 4 key DNA synthesis enzymes:  this leads to viral replication in fast growing cells (e.g. tumor cells)
2.Virus proliferation: natural immune evasion
3.Pyroptotic cell death: occurs through formation of pores in the cell membrane
Immune Modulation
4.Infiltration of immune cells into the tumor microenvironment:  PPVs have a natural inhibitor of GM-CSF.  This GM-CSF inhibitor protein is missing from IMNC-301
5.NK Cell activation: stimulates pyroptotic cell death due to direct activation of NK cells and through activation of the Caspase-3 pathway after Granzyme B release
6.Anti-tumor activity: Occurs due to the release of HMGB1 through cell pores resulting in the activation of DCs and CD8+T cells

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